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2 March 2021
Smart Synergies for a sustainable future

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Smart Synergies for a sustainable future -  virtual match-making event Finland and Saxony-Anhalt (Germany)

Digitization in the field of energy and resource efficiency (Smart Energy)

This website is part of the virtual delegation meeting of the Ministry of Economy, Science and Digitalization and the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Energy of Saxony-Anhalt (Germany) with Finland. After the virtual delegation meeting (01 March 2021), this platform serves to organize and conduct virtual match-making discussions.

Inspiring and targeted 1:1 meetings promise knowledge gain and new business contacts.

This match-making event brings together companies from Finland and Saxony-Anhalt. This is a unique opportunity to generate new business contacts and contracts. The model is time and cost-efficient and results in business! Meetings will take place in a dedicated area and will be arranged in advance by means of this website. The matchmaking session is open for the whole day, but you are welcome to stay for the time you can - and schedule and arrange your meetings accordingly.

Why Finland? 

Finland is one of the most digitized countries in the world. It is therefore particularly useful to exchange experiences with government agencies, scientific institutions, companies and other organizations about the possibilities of efficient energy and resource use.

The Finnish market offers also good business opportunities for German companies. According to the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce Abroad, there is demand for products and services for energy generation, distribution and storage, network management and control technology, energy optimization and efficiency enhancement as well as information and communication technologies.

Topics addressed?

  • Smart Energy
    • Energy transformation and generation
    • Energy storage
    • Energy transmission
    • Energy consumption control
  • Smart City
    • Mobility
    • Environment
    • Urban planning and infrastructure
    • Governance
    • Services and business models
    • Living 
  • Information and Communication Technologies

Participants addressed?

Representatives of companies, universities, scientific institutions, clusters, associations and selected municipalities from Finland and Saxony-Anhalt (Germany) are cordially invited to register and participate in the b2b meetings and talk about (new) cooperation opportunities.

How can you benefit from this event?

  • Publish and showcase your products, projects, services or business needs to event participants
  • Initiate and arrange promising pre-scheduled 1:1 meetings at the event
  • Generate fresh leads and meet new contacts in a time and cost-efficient way
  • Stay one step ahead of your competitors by being seen and visibly present at the event

The Top 5 objectives to make your stay a success:

  • Meet partners and customers
  • Discover new products & services
  • Prepare purchases or projects
  • Meet new suppliers
  • Get information about the latest trends

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